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Committee Members
ChairpersonMarc L. Andreessen
Committee MemberRaymond J. Lane
Committee MemberAnn M. Livermore
Committee MemberRaymond E. Ozzie
Committee MemberGary M. Reiner

Technology committee charter (November 2014)

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee assesses HP’s technology development strategies and the scope and quality of HP’s intellectual property. The Technology Committee makes recommendations to the Board as to scope, direction, quality, investment levels and execution of HP’s technology strategies; oversees the execution of technology strategies formulated by management; provides guidance on technology as it may pertain to, among other things, market entry and exit, investments, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, new business divisions and spin-offs, research and development investments, and key competitor and partnership strategies; and reviews and makes recommendations on proposed investment, acquisition, joint venture and divestiture transactions with a value of at least $200 million that involve technology pursuant to HP’s mergers and acquisitions approval policies.