Board committees

Committee Members
Committee Member Robert R. Bennett
Committee Member Stacy Brown-Philpot
Committee Member Stephanie A. Burns
Committee Member Mary Anne Citrino
Committee Member Subra Suresh

Audit committee charter (November 2016), (PDF, 40KB, opens in a new widnow) Audit committee charter (November 2016)

Audit Committee

HP has a separately designated standing Audit Committee established in accordance with Section 3(a)(58)(A) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. The Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities for generally overseeing HP’s financial reporting processes and the audit of HP’s financial statements, including the integrity of HP’s financial statements, HP’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, the qualifications, independence and performance of the independent registered public accounting firm, the performance of HP’s internal audit function, and risk assessment and risk management. Among other things, the Audit Committee prepares the Audit Committee report for inclusion in the annual proxy statement; annually reviews its charter and performance; appoints, oversees the work of, evaluates and compensates any independent registered public accounting firm engaged to prepare or issue an audit report or perform other audit, review or attest services for HP; reviews and approves the scope of the annual audit, the audit fee and the financial statements; reviews HP’s disclosure controls and procedures, internal controls, information security policies, internal audit function, and corporate policies with respect to financial information and earnings guidance; reviews regulatory and accounting initiatives and off-balance sheet structures; reviews major issues regarding accounting principles and financial statement presentations; oversees HP’s compliance programs with respect to legal and regulatory requirements; oversees investigations into complaints concerning financial matters; and reviews risks facing HP and management’s approach to addressing these risks, including significant risks or exposures relating to litigation and other proceedings and regulatory matters that may have a significant impact on HP’s financial statements, and discusses policies with respect to risk assessment and risk management. The Audit Committee works closely with management as well as the independent registered public accounting firm.

The Board determined that each of Ms. Citrino, chair of the Audit Committee, and the other Audit Committee members (Mr. Bennett, Ms. Brown-Philpot, Ms. Burns and Mr. Suresh) is independent within the meaning of the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") standards of independence for directors and audit committee members and has satisfied the NYSE financial literacy requirements. The Board also determined that each of Mr. Bennett, Ms. Burns, Ms. Citrino and Mr. Suresh is an “audit committee financial expert” as defined by SEC rules.