Annual Reports EDS

Annual report files are in PDF format. We recommend that blind or visually impaired visitors choose text-only versions for best results with a screen reader.

For annual reports prior to FY2000 please refer to our SEC filings form 10-K.

HP completed its merger transaction with Compaq on May 3, 2002 and with EDS on August 26, 2008. Please choose from the links below to view HP, Compaq or EDS Annual Reports.

Most Recent Reports

Our latest Annual Report is available in two formats:

2008 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report

2009 Proxy Statement
2009 Proxy Statement

Title Size
EDS 2007 Annual Report 1.0MB
EDS 2006 Annual Report 4.0MB
EDS 2005 Annual Report 2.5MB
EDS 2004 Annual Report 3.0MB